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  Player Awards History

Date Last Earned sort-descending.gif Name Description Kills on Day
2022-07-19 Say no to sentries sentry guns destroyed 1
2022-07-19 NO METAL FOR YOU! dispensers destroyed 1
2022-07-13 Shotgun shotgun kills 5
2022-07-13 Pistol pistol kills 3
2022-07-12 Proceed to android hell teleporters built 1
2022-07-12 Not today, Demoman! dynamite packs defused with wrench 1
2022-07-10 Super Sapper sappers placed 1
2022-07-10 Engineer on Rage wrench kills 4
2022-07-03 Grave Digger shovel kills 1
2022-07-01 Take a walk! teleporters killed 1
2022-07-01 Engineer sentry kills 1
2022-07-01 Bob the Builder sentry guns built 1
2022-06-17 Remote Demolition Man pipe bomb kills 1
2022-06-17 Deflected Sticky kills with deflected sticky 1

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