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  Player Awards History

Date Last Earned sort-descending.gif Name Description Kills on Day
2024-03-29 KABLOOIE! dynamite taunt kills 1
2024-03-09 Sap This! sappers removed 1
2024-03-07 Shotgun Heavy shotgun kills 4
2024-03-05 Defender of the Flag flag defenses 1
2024-03-03 Just Another Brick In The Wall players bricked 1
2024-01-29 Terminator minigun kills 1
2024-01-08 Lucky Duck kills by telefrag 2
2023-12-21 Dispenser Here! Dispensers built 5
2023-11-23 Pistol pistol kills 1
2023-11-14 Doctor Assited Suicide suicides 1
2023-10-26 Proceed to android hell teleporters built 2
2023-10-15 Baseball freak bat kills 1
2023-10-11 Mmm, Ham stolen Sandviches 1
2023-06-29 Dangerous Crab spy taunt kills 1

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